Conference for Professional Software Developers
21 Sep 2022 - Workshops
22-23 Sep 2022 - Conference
Kraków, Poland

Meet the Community
and Find Inspiration

Three days of focused opportunities for learning and networking.

DevConf is one of Poland's premier annual conferences dedicated to software development. It's based on principles we believe are the success factors of an ultimate conference experience. Regardless of technology, we strive to spark inspiration by exchanging ideas. We facilitate learning as a process occurring at talks and during informal conversations. Knowing that great sessions are not enough we're also eager to provide excellent networking opportunities. People and interactions are what we value the most.

The whole event is divided in to parts: pre-conference workshops happening on 21 Sep 2022 and the conference itself on 22-23 Sep 2022.

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Multikino, Dobrego Pasterza 128

Kraków, Poland

About DevConf

From the very beginning we've been focused on people, not on companies. Being developers ourselves we thrive to provide the ultimate experience that will be remembered. We'd like to connect awesome speakers with the willing-to-learn-and-share community. It's not only about sessions - it's also about meeting with like-minded people - it can result in great ideas, is that right?

DevConf Team


Grzegorz Duda Developers World
ul. Wielicka 91/4
30-552 Krakow, Poland
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